Hayward PureSilk PS25 Saltwater Chlorinator

Product Code: HWPS25

Manufacturer: Hayward

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  • Hayward PureSilk PS25 Saltwater Chlorinator
  • 25g/hr chlorine output
  • Automatic Self Cleaning Cells
  • Automatic Output Limiting protects the power supply from over-salting and allows salt to be added without switching the chlorinator off
  • Automatic Low Salt Warning
  • Includes Automatic Memory Save so if there is a power failure all information is stored for at least 7 days
  • 24- Hour Boost Mode
  • Automatic Pump Protection Monitor
  • Automatic Pump Flush to prevent high chlorine levels corroding pipe work, heat exchanges or in-floor cleaning systems
  • Vertical Cell and Internal Bypass System reduces pressure drop across the cell making it ideal for even the most complex of pool configurations.
  • Heavy duty construction makes the high pressure cell ideal for both high pressure spa and in- floor cleaning systems
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