Waterco Exotuf Plus E702 Top Mount Sand Filter (28")

Product Code: 22602990

Manufacturer: Waterco

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The Exotuf Plus media filters are designed to cope with the cyclic pressures of the modern day swimming pool and feature hydraulically efficient fish tail lateral systems in both top and side-mount models which facilitate energy and water savings.

  • Waterco Exotuf Plus E602 Top Mount Sand Filter

  • 28" tank with 50mm ports

  • Water savings of up to 30%

  • Ideal for low powered and energy efficient pumps

  • Multiport valve clamp provides 360° orientation of the multiport valve for simple installation and service

  • Hydraulically balanced flow distribution, to maximise filtration and backwashing

  • Enhanced water clarity

  • Pressure rated at 350 kPa

  • Corrosion and UV resistant

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