Spa Electrics WNRX Retro Series Blue LED Replacement Pool Light

Product Code: WNRX L12 R1 CBL

Manufacturer: Spa Electrics

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REPLACES: Spa Electrics WN250 (All Years), WN550 / WN5, WN850, WN950 / WN9, and Waterco BriteStream Niche165 pool light.

The Spa Electrics WNRX Series replacement light is a perfect way to convert your old halogen light to LED. Retro-fit for Spa Electrics models WN250, WN550 / WN5, WN850, WN950 / WN9 and Waterco Britestream Niche165 lights. The retro-fit comes complete with plug top however excludes cable.

  • Spa Electrics WNRX Blue LED Pool Light

  • Niche mount LED pool light

  • Single Colour - Blue

  • Detachable plug for ease of servicing

  • Slotted rim allows water circulation behind the light eliminating stagnant water and aiding in cooling

  • 12V model only

  • Available in clear or white rim

  • Designed and manufactured in Australia