Spa Electrics Pool Lights

Spa Electrics is an Australian company with over 35 years experience in the pool lighting industry.

For new pools or spas Spa Electrics offer the flush mounted / niche Quantum WN Series and Atom EM series or the surface mounted Photon GK series LED pool lights.

To replace an existing pool light Spa Electrics offer the GKRX Retro Series which replaces all major surface mounted lighting brands in concrete, fibreglass and vinyl pools.

The WNRX Retro Series replaces the Spa Electrics WN250 (all years), WN5, WN8, WN9 and Waterco BriteStream Niche165 pool lights.

Likewise, the EMRX Retro Series replaces PAL 2000 & PAL Touch, AquaQuip AquaStar*, AquaQuip EVO 2, Autumn Solar, Aqua De Light, Monarch MPL3000*, Spa Electrics WN 150*, and 50mm Class 9 PVC pipe. *Additional adaptor kit required.


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