Aqua Level Portable Automatic Water Leveller

Product Code: W-25604-300

Manufacturer: Aqua Level

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Aqua Level automatic water levellers provide peace of mind for pool owners.  A unique portable water levelling system guards against your pool water dropping below your skimmer level, running your pump dry and preventing damage to pool equipment.

The Aqua Level portable auto leveller is the fast and simple way to protect your pool from summer evaporation. Anyone can install in minutes with a standard garden hose. Since it’s fully portable, the Aqua Level can be used as needed.

The Aqua Level is quick to setup and simple to use. Simply adjust the threaded float rod to set to your desired water level and connect your hose. When the water reaches the desired level it turns off. It fits a standard garden hose connection, so no special tools are required.

The Aqua Level is a perfect solution for vacation homes, rental properties, and worry-free pool refills. The Aqua level also guards against over filling pools and spas! With its unique shut off system, that turns the water flow on and off when the water has reached your preset adjustable level


  • Standard hose connection

  • Fills pool automatically when water level is low

  • Protects pump from running dry

  • Fully adjustable water level control

  • Great for rental or holiday homes

  • Fully portable – Easily moved on or off the pool!

  • No tools needed for installation

  • Height of the float body: 300mm