Davey ChloroMatic Nipper Saltwater Chlorinator - 35g/hr

Product Code: DNP35C

Manufacturer: Davey

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A little life saver for Aussie pools.

Introducing the Davey ChloroMatic Nipper, a clever and compact salt water chlorinator that uses Davey's intelligent controls to keep your pool water swim-ready, all year long.

Designed in Australia, the sleek and ergonomic Nipper salt water chlorinator is a breeze to install and is energy efficient, so it won't push your budget off the deep end. No matter the type of salt your pool uses, whether its natural, mineral or low salt, Nipper's user-friendly modes let you tailor your chlorine output throughout the seasons, to ensure your pool water is at the standard you want, when you want it.

Key features include:

  • Full digital display with alarms for when to add salt, low salt and no flow
  • New energy efficient modes include:
    • Spa - reduces cell output by 80%
    • Cover - reduces cell output by 80% (with added functionality of auto)
    • Boost - sets cell output to 100% for 24 hours
    • Winter - reduces cell output by 15%
  • Two independent and separate timers
  • Adjustable chlorine output in 5% increments
  • Extended memory save with battery blackout protection
  • Easy to install - simple and quick one plug cell power connection
  • 35g/hr chlorine output
  • Operating Normal Salt Level 3,000-6,000ppm
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