Davey EcoPure 25" Fibreglass Sand Filter

Product Code: DEP2540

Manufacturer: Davey

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The Davey EcoPure Fibreglass Media Filter is the convenient solution for clean, filtered pool water that provides more time for you to enjoy your pool and less time maintaining it.

  • Davey EcoPure 25" Fibreglass Sand Filter

  • 40mm ports

  • High rate design for maximum efficiency, suitable for sand, Zelbrite and glass media

  • Virtually maintenance free. Simple Backwash to clean filter media

  • Constructed from strong corrosion and U.V. resistant polyester reinforced fibre glass, providing long and reliable working life

  • 6-way multiport valve for easy backwash and filter control at the flick of a handle

  • Specially designed laterals and hub assembly to optimise water flow for superior backwashing - producing cleaner sand and clearer water

  • Accurate Stainless steel oil filled pressure gauge makes it easy to see when backwashing is required

  • Automatic air bleed prevents the build up of air in the tank ensuring effective filtration

  • Suitable for both salt, mineral salt and fresh water pool systems

  • 10 year warranty - Tank

  • 2 year warranty - Multiport Valve

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