Davey Hurricane Turbo Pool Pump

Product Code: M7402

Manufacturer: Davey

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The Davey Hurricane Turbo Pool Pump has the power to turn your swimming pool into a practical sport and leisure zone, with a counter-current swim system.

  • Davey Hurricane Turbo Pool Pump (H300M)

  • Maximises the value and enjoyment of your pool

  • High powered pump provides a high flow jet of water to swim against

  • Swim jet controlled by air switch on swim jet. No need to leave the pool to turn on or off

  • Turbo swim jet outlet provides 3 settings for jet flow control

  • Simple installation of swim jet – only one hole required for both suction & return points

  • Designed for dependability and long life using corrosion resistant, UV stabilised materials

  • Self priming up to 4 metres for easy operation and installation

  • Stainless steel pump shaft suited for salt chlorinated pools

  • 65mm barrel unions for easy installation to large OD pipe

  • Requires the Davey Turbo Swim Jet - see related product

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