Davey PowerMaster ECO Variable Speed Pool Pump

Product Code: PMECO

Manufacturer: Davey

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The Davey PowerMaster ECO Pool Pump (PMECO) is a super efficient pump utilising a very clever, state of the art 3 speed brushless DC motor that provides:

  • Lower operating costs - up to 70%  lower energy use than a traditional 1hp pump

  • Lower levels of noise

  • 3 fully programmable speed settings - can be adjusted in 50 rpm increments

  • Lower greenhouse emissions than traditional pool pumps

  • 3 year warranty

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The PMECO's ability to run on low speeds means the pump will also experience less mechanical wear and tear due to less stress on internal mechanical components.

The PMECO has 3 fully programmable speed settings, High Flow, Mid Flow and Eco Flow that allow super efficient filtration providing around 70% saving over a traditional pool pump, and higher speeds for filter back-washing and pool cleaner operation.