Davey ProMaster Bluetooth VSD200 Energy Efficient Pool Pump

Product Code: PM200BT

Manufacturer: Davey

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The Davey ProMaster Bluetooth VSD200 Pool Pump offers the pool owner and operator total control over the speed at which the pump needs to operate. Simply turn the dial to achieve the ideal speed setting for your situation. Now with Bluetooth control via the Davey Pool Pump App.

Features of the ProMaster VSD200 pump include:

  • Bluetooth enabled to allow set and control functionality from your IOS or Android smartphone

  • Super Quiet – Designed with a unique water-cooled motor which captures noise and vibrations, allowing super-quiet operation, rated down to 50 dBa.

  • Fully Variable Speed Control – The ProMaster offers the pool owner and operator total control over the speed at which the pump needs to operate, from 1,500rpm to 3,600rpm

  • Energy Efficiency – 8 Star energy rating offering up to 70% lower energy use than a traditional fixed speed 1hp pump*

  • Backwash Function – ProMaster is designed with a selectable backwash cycle that runs the pump for 2 minutes at 3,800rpm before shutting down providing reliable and easy operation of the pump when backwashing your media filter.

  • Dependable – ProMaster incorporates unique loss of prime protection to minimise pump damage if no water is available to the pump.

  • Convenient – By water cooling the motor, ProMaster does not require air ventilation, and gives installers more flexibility with pump positioning

  • Easy to install set and operate, no complicated digital push button controls

  • Automatic restart technology

  • Large 4.5 litre leaf basket for long intervals between cleaning

  • Double insulated to water circuit – provided with an Equipotential Bonding Point for AS/NZ 3000 wiring standards

  • Read VSD200 Brochure