Davey Silensor SLL 200 Pool Pump - 1.1 HP

Product Code: SLL 200

Manufacturer: Davey

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The Davey Silensor SLL Pool Pump is a water-silenced pool pump that offers super-quiet operation with high efficiency, making the Silensor SLL the ideal choice for modern swimming pools. Also features a huge 4.5 litre leaf basket for long intervals between cleaning!

  • Davey Silensor SLL 200 Pool Pump (1.1 HP)

  • Super-Quiet: Designed with a unique water-cooled motor which captures noise and vibrations, allowing super-quiet operation (typically below 56 dBa). Your neighbours won't even know it's there. 

  • Long Lasting: Silensor is designed for long service life in an outdoor, poolside environment and replaces highly corrodible metal components with high performance, long-life plastics for low maintenance and dependable service – year after year.

  • Dependable: Silensor incorporates unique dry run protection to minimise pump damage if no water is available to the pump. It also includes a unique mechanical seal protection for long service life and reduced maintenance.

  • Convenient: By water-cooling the motor, Silensor does not require air ventilation, and gives installers more flexibility with pump positioning.

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