HIDE Skimmer Lid Kit - 342 x 342 mm

Product Code: HSL342-10

Manufacturer: Skimmer Lids

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The HIDE Hidden Skimmer Lid Kit is perfect for new or existing swimming pools. Do away with the ugly, plastic skimmer deck lids and install a HIDE skimmer lid to create a beautiful seamless finish.

The HIDE Skimmer Lid uses an infill from your selected paving and is supported with a 2mm thick 316 marine grade stainless steel tray. The tray protects the tile from chipping and cracking, so breakage is minimised.

The dimensions of the HIDE tray is 336mm x 336mm square. The thickness of your selected pool surround will predetermine which of the 4 tray depths is required. Trays are fabricated to suit different inlay thickness; 10mm, 15mm, 20mm, 30mm or 40mm.

The Recess Frame is included in the kit and protects the surrounding tiles from accidentally chipping during use. The frame can also be used in the initial stages of tiling for easy and quick set out in preparation for the HIDE lid. The Recess Frame is 342mm x 342mm.

The HIDE Safety Key is also included in the kit and is required for lid removal as per Australian Standards. The keyway that is cut into the paving material provides the required ventilation as required by Standard. 

What's included in the HIDE Skimmer Lid Kit?

Included in the HIDE kit is the Inlay Lid, Edge Protector, adhesive, a height adjuster and installation instructions.


Selecting the correct size HIDE Skimmer Lid Kit:



08 -11 mm

10 mm HIDE Kit

12 - 16 mm

15 mm HIDE Kit

17 - 22 mm

20 mm HIDE Kit

25 - 30 mm

30 mm HIDE Kit

35 - 40 mm

40 mm HIDE Kit