Aussie Gold Leaf Canister

Product Code: CLC030

Manufacturer: Aussie Gold

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The Aussie Gold Leaf Canister comes with 1.5" connections and leader hose adapter, large mesh bag and canister. Save money and time with this canister. It helps remove fine debris and leaves from the suction cleaner before it reaches the skimmer basket. Also prevents water starvation and damage to your pump! Takes a few minutes to install with no tools. Just disconnect your hose and reconnect to the canister. That's it!

  • Flip top lid enabling easy access and emptying without disconnecting the pool hoses.
  • Made from high-grade clear Polycarbonate for easy viewing when the bag needs emptying.
  • Traps leaves and debris before it reaches the skimmer
  • Comes with basket filter and fine mesh bag option
  • Suits 38mm suction hose