Madimack GT Freedom i60 Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner

Product Code: Freei60

Manufacturer: Madimack

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Untangle yourself with the Madimack GT Freedom cordless robotic pool cleaner. Intelligent navigation, active panel control, premium lithium-ion battery and advanced InverMAC technology, brings an upgraded cleaning experience for you and your pool. Sit back and relax while Madimack GT Freedom cordless robotic cleaner gets to work.

  • Madimack GT Freedom i60 Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner
  • 6 Hours of Power (floor mode)
  • Advanced Lithium-Ion Battery
  • Active Panel Control
  • Engineered Infrared Guidance System
  • Dual Drive Navigation
  • Full Madimack warranty when purchasing through Madimack certified online dealer
Model i30 i45 i60 i80
Endurance time* 3h 4.5h 6h 8h
PERFORMANCE CONDITION*: Floor/wall/waterline mode    
Endurance time 2h 2.5h 3.5h 4.5h
Charging time 2h 3h 4h 5h
Battery capacity 5.2Ah (131wh) 7.8Ah (196wh) 10.4Ah (262wh) 14Ah (352wh)
Optimum pool temperature 0~35 °C
Cleaning mode Floor – Floor/Wall/Waterline
Cleaning duration options 0.5h / 1h / 2h / Max run per model
Cycle setting Once cycle / 24hrs / 48hr / 72hr
3D S Path with InverMac YES
App application YES
Filter capacity 3.2L
Filtration accuracy 180μm(80mesh)
Pump flow rate 300 – 150 (L/min) 360L – 160 (L/min)
Running power 110 – 30W
Moving speed 12m/min
Motor number 3
Charger input 90-265VAC ~ 50/60Hz
Running voltage / current 25.2V/1.2A
Charger power 72.5W
Robot NW 11.5kg 11.5kg 12kg 12kg
Robot GW Shipping 16.5kg 16.5kg 17kg 17kg
Robot dimension (L*W*H) 495*395*265 mm
Robot packaging dimension (L*W*H) 580*448*330 mm