Madimack InverFlow PRO P300i Variable Speed Inverter Pool Pump

Product Code: P300i

Manufacturer: Madimack

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Madimack's InverFlow PRO is the pinnacle of pool pump operation and performance. Outstanding efficiency, whisper-quiet operation, intuitive technology and market leading MEPS rating make it the ultimate pool partner. 


  • Madimack InverFow PRO P300i Variable Speed Inverter Pool Pump
  • InverMAC Technology - Enhanced inverter motor for efficient performance and motor speed control
  • DC Brushless motor - Permanent magnetic motor for long lasting energy efficiency
  • Sound Shield Technology - Quiet operation down to 36 dB(A)
  • 4 Timers - Full control capabilities with multi speed and multi timer function
  • Active Energy Monitor - Track, monitor and manage operation efficiency
  • Running Capacity from 30% - 100% - full inverter technology for maximum control
  • WiFi Capabilities - Control your pump operation remotely
  • Full Madimack warranty when purchasing through Madimack certified online dealer


  Advised pool volume
Circulation Flow
Flow at 8mh L/min Flow at 10mh L/min
P300i 30~50 0.76/1HP 220~240 / 50/60 400 12 300 210
P400i 40~70 1.03/1.5HP 450 14.6 400 340
P500i 50~80 1.34/2HP 500 17.4 500 440