Onga SilentFlo 750 Pool Pump (1.0 HP)

Product Code: SF750100

Manufacturer: Pentair Onga

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The Onga SilentFlo Pool Pump is an ultra-quiet, high-efficiency, self priming, medium head pump with an extra large, integral hair and lint strainer.

The SilentFlo is precision moulded with Pentair's innovative thermoplastic composite resin that is not only tough and highly corrosion resistant but is designed to dampen the noise created by the pump giving ultra-quiet operation.

The SilentFlo features a high quality mechanical seal, stainless steel shaft and fasteners which will ensure that this pump will give top performance and reliability for years to come.

  • Onga SilenFlo 750 Pool Pump

  • 1.0 HP

  • Quiet operation - A specially designed sound dampening pump casing and base make pump operation incredibly quiet.

  • High efficiency - Precision-fit internal components and superior hydraulic design deliver effortless performance, energy savings and extended pump life.

  • Elevated base - Further dampens sound and vibration for even quieter operation and keeps the pump above sitting water which minimises corrosion.

  • Large pump basket - Minimises the maintenance requirement by extending the time between pump basket clean outs.

  • Dual connections - 50mm thread or 50mm quick disconnect barrel unions (included).

  • Cam & Ramp lid - Easy to remove, locks in place with a quarter turn, making inspection and cleaning a breeze.

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