Pentair Onga 1200W Air Switch Spa Blower

Product Code: 1043000

Manufacturer: Pentair Onga

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For greater levels of spa indulgence. The Onga blower adds the revitalising touch of warm swirling water enriched with millions of bubbles on your body in the ultimate therapeutic pleasure. In perfect harmony with your spa bath the Onga Spa Pool Blowers deliver a strong, reliable massage.

  • Pentair Onga 1200W  Air Switch Spa Blower
  • Air switch operated
  • New high performance blower motor moves more energy with less effort
  • Optimised design using accoustic testing to minimise noise output
  • Incorporated sound deadening foam
  • Non-return valve to prevent returning water damage
  • Fits to standard 50mm PVC pipe
  • EMC filter to eliminate radio interference
  • 1 year limited warranty
  • Read Blower Installation guide