Pool Controls Ozone XLM 23 with pH

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Manufacturer: Pool Controls

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The Ozone XLM with pH is an integrated system presented in a single enclosure, minimising the space required for pool equipment and the need to install multiple components. The combination of a powerful corona-discharge ozonator with an extra-low-salt chlorinator plus pH control is truly innovative and original.

How it works?

1. Ozone is the front line of defence against bacteria and other pathogens in the water. Ozone is a powerful sanitiser and leaves no trace in the pool water after treatment.

2. The XLM chlorinator provides a safe residual disinfectant at extra low concentrations of mineral salts. The XLM chlorinator has a specially engineered electrolytic cell that runs at extra-low TDS (900 ppm).

3. pH control enhances the effectiveness of the sanitiser by maintaining the pH of the water in the correct range. The algorithmic pH doser is incorporated into the unit.


- Powerful sanitisation powered by ozone

- Integrated ph (acid) doser

- 23 g/hr chlorine output

- Extra low salt requirement (as low as 900 ppm)

- For use with mineral or salt pools

- Manufactured in Australia

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