Poolrite SQI-700 Pool Pump - 2.0 HP

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Manufacturer: Poolrite

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* Same plumbing as Poolrite SQ Series pumps.

Super high quality pump - Proven design for more than 20 years.

SQI high performance pumps are powered by the CMG light industrial motor for reliability and durability. The SQI pump design has endured over decades delivering whisper quiet motor and hydraulic noise reduction to pool owners not only in Australia but overseas markets as well.


  • Clear cover allowing full view

  • Swing aside knobs for easy basket access

  • Carefully designed diffuser for low noise operation

  • All components moulded from corrosion proof resins for durability

  • Heavy duty, double insulated weather-proof motor with thermal overload protection

  • Manufactured in Australia

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  • ​Further details visit www.poolrite.com