Robo-Plus V2 Robotic Pool Cleaner

Product Code: 914001

Manufacturer: Robo-Tek International

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The Robo-Plus V2 from Robo-Tek International is a brilliant residential pool cleaner that suits most pool types and surfaces.

New Features:

  • Sleek new design - Streamlined and modern
  • Commercial grade drive belts - Stronger and longer lasting than ever before
  • Quick-release sponge wheels - Easy and convenient when changing sponge wheels
  • Recessed impeller cover - Provides protection of the impeller cover which is critical for the robot to execute its cleaning pattern effectively
  • Small weight savings - Just like a race car, this helps with the robot's cleaning efficiency and speed
  • Smart control box - Monitors usage and alerts user to service the robot at 500hr intervals
  • Redesigned base plate - Wider opening to capture bigger debris

Key Features:

  • Remote Control
  • Caddy for easy transportation
  • Large Leaf Intake
  • Water Line Cleaning
  • Wall Climbing Guarantee
  • Quick Floor Cleaning Option
  • Twin Drive Motors
  • Read Brochure

Technical Specifications:

  • Cycle time of 0.5 hr, 1 hr or 2 hr
  • 15m cable
  • 2 filter grades available
  • 4 x sponge wheels
  • Filtration rate of 290 lpm
  • Rated power of 180 watts
  • Dry weight of 12.5 kg
  • 3 year motor warranty