Spa Electrics Atom EM Series Blue LED Pool Light - Dual Kit / Vinyl

Product Code: EMV L12 K2 CBL

Manufacturer: Spa Electrics

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The Atom EM Series from Spa Electrics is the latest in Mini Niche style LED pool lights. With its small form factor and powerful performance, the Atom Series can be used to illuminate even the largest pools with ease.

  • Spa Electrics Atom EM Series Blue LED Pool Light

  • Flush mounted LED pool light for vinyl pools

  • Dual kit includes 2 x EM Blue LED light, 2 x 20m cable, 2 x vinyl mounting kit, 1 x 12V 50VA dual transformer

  • Ultra compact, fits in steps, swim-outs, ledges and footwells

  • Protrudes only 25mm from pool wall

  • Designed and manufactured in Australia