Spa Electrics Atom EM Series Multi Plus LED Pool Light - Dual Kit / Vinyl

Product Code: EMV L12 K2 MP

Manufacturer: Spa Electrics

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The MULTI PLUS from Spa Electrics represents a new generation in Multi Colour pool lighting. 

With five different operating modes, the MULTI PLUS can operate via a standard wall switch or by using the iRIS lighting controller. The MULTI PLUS can also integrate seamlessly with most pool automation systems.

  • Spa Electrics Atom EM Series Multi Plus LED Pool Light

  • Flush mounted LED pool light for vinyl pools

  • Colours & modes include White, Aqua, Blue, Magenta, Red, Lime, Green, Oceanic Views, Transcendence, Outback Australia, and Spring Equinox

  • Single kit includes 2 x EM Multi Plus LED light, 2 x 20m cable, 2 x vinyl mounting kit, 1 x 12V 50VA dual transformer

  • Ultra compact, fits in steps, swim-outs, ledges and footwells

  • Protrudes only 25mm from pool wall

  • Designed and manufactured in Australia

  • iRIS compatible - change colours, modes and adjust brightness, all at the touch of a button

  • iRIS controller sold separately