Spa Electrics GKRX Retro Series White LED Replacement Pool Light

Product Code: GKRX LMV R1 WW4

Manufacturer: Spa Electrics

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REPLACES: Spa Electrics, Waterco, AquaQuip, Autumn Solar, Poolrite, Questa, Swimworld, Stroud, Filtrite (requires GK6710 kit), PLUS MORE!

The Spa Electrics GKRX Series Single Colour LED Pool Light is suitable for the direct replacement of all major surface mount lighting brands in concrete, fibreglass and vinyl pools. Select between a blue, green, or white LED.

  • Spa Electrics GK Retro Series (GKRX) White LED Pool Light

  • Replaces all major surface mount light brands

  • Single colour - White

  • Operates on variable voltage - compatible with 12, 24 & 32v ac transformers

  • Kind to the environment, operating on approximately 88% less energy than a normal 100watt halogen light

  • Simple 4 step installation

  • Designed and manufactured in Australia

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