Waterco S75 MK2 Skimmer Box - No Lid

Product Code: 624051

Manufacturer: Waterco

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All Waterco Skimmer Boxes are manufactured using the highest quality, impact resistant thermoplastic (ABS plastic). All Waterco Skimmers come enhanced with a wide weir door and suction support cover designed to resist any suction blockages on start-up.

The S75 MK2 skimmer box has a built in overflow drain port to assist in the prevention of flooding during heavy rain. A horizontal 50mm suction take-off reduces the suction lift demands on the pump, saving energy.

  • Waterco S75 MK2 Skimmer Box

  • Suitable for concrete pools

  • Round dress rim

  • Lock down leaf basket and vacuum plate - holds the leaf basket and vacuum plate firm

  • No Lid

  • Read brochure for more information and dimensions