Zodiac FloPro e3 Variable Speed Pool Pump

Product Code: WP000116

Manufacturer: Zodiac

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The Zodiac FloPro e3 Variable Speed Pool Pump is engineered to be a simple to operate variable speed pool pump with the built-in intelligence of an economical motor saving you money on electricity. Built specifically for Australian conditions you can be ensured of a reliable and durable pool pump for your pool.

  • Zodiac FloPro e3 Variable Speed Pool Pump

  • Ability to adjust the speed settings of the pump to ensure the optimum solution for any pool application

  • Utilising less power than the average pool pump, the Zodiac FloPro e3 is both energy efficient and environmentally conservative

  • The compact and rigid design allows for easy installation and operation

  • The reputable and durable 3-speed motor will ensure years of hassle-free pool maintenance

  • Backed by a 3 year warranty (2 years on the mechanical seal)

  • Accredited installation required

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